Axe Throwing Johannesburg

Why Axe Throwing in Johannesburg is the perfect date activity

Are you looking for the perfect date idea in Johannesburg? Here’s why axe throwing is a ‘must’ for any couple!

Whether it’s your first date, meeting your Tinder match, or celebrating an anniversary; axe throwing is an activity that is bound to bring you closer together. Channel your inner Viking and get to know your partner’s unique qualities, strengths, and personality traits with some friendly competition.

Axe throwing is also useful for taking out your relationship frustrations – remember when they didn’t do those dishes? This is your opportunity to set a bet, compete for points, and the loser has to do the chores.

With the competition factor, axe throwing makes for a great icebreaker activity on those pesky double dates you always get dragged into. Compete with your partner or the other couple and the losers must buy the beers afterward!

Your date is guaranteed to be filled with laughs, a competitive spirit, and hilarious stories to share for years to come. It’s also a great first-date story to tell on your wedding day.

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