Meet the rescued elephants at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge and experience their gentle nature while feeding them.


None of these elephants have been taken from the wild for captivity. The three elephants were orphaned when the adults were poached. The elephants come from circumstances that if Buffelsdrift did not intervene they would not be alive today. Buffelsdrift did not choose this life for them but rather chose to give them the best possible life within their means with the best possible love and care. All of the elephant excursions have a most informative educational approach.

They are fortunate that the elephants ended up here at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge as they are truly gentle giants and have great personalities. Elephants are very affectionate and caring animals.

An early booking for an Elephant Experience is essential as the elephants are very popular. Clients should arrive 15 minutes prior to activity. Activity will automatically be cancelled if clients arrive 15 minutes after booked time and will have to wait for the next time slot. You are welcome to ask the elephant guides as many questions as you like.

(Times stated below may change depending on bookings made)


Hourly from 09:00 to 15:00 depending on availability.

You may take as many photos as you like while our qualified and skilled elephant guides share their knowledge with you of these gentle giants.

Activity information:
Duration of Activity: 30 min


Daily – 08:00 & 16:00 depending on availability

View our elephants in their natural environment during the early morning or late afternoon.

Activity information:
Duration of Activity: 45 min

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