9 Ways to travel on a budget in South Africa

Looking to travel around South Africa on a budget? In these challenging times, travelling anywhere puts strain on your wallet – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of money-savvy ways to travel around South Africa on a budget!

Here are our top tips for your next holiday:

Travel during the off-season

One of the best ways to save is to travel during the off-season. Avoid school holidays and public holidays – rates are cheaper when it’s not the holiday season!

Shop and eat local

Steer away from eating takeout and shop locally for groceries and meals. Making your own meals and buying snacks for the road saves you from spending money on fast food when you’re hungry!

Walking tours

The best way to fully immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of South Africa’s major cities is to sign up for a free walking tour. Stroll around Cape Town or Johannesburg and explore the historical and cultural assets of these amazing cities!

Hiking trails

Hiking is a money-savvy activity in South Africa, and there are many routes to choose from wherever you travel! Many national parks offer free or low entry fees to their hiking paths, where some of the best-hidden gems of our country can be discovered.

Camping vs guesthouses

While staying at hotels or guesthouses may be more luxurious, nothing beats roughing it while camping! South Africa has an abundance of camping sites, and these are generally much cheaper than your average guesthouse or B&B.

Local rates

SANParks offers reduced entrance fees to their parks for all local South Africans and SADC Nationals. Every year they host a ‘SA National Parks Week’, where all South Africans can visit the parks for free!
If you’re planning to travel to South Africa often, and love visiting our national parks, consider buying a Wildcard membership. It’s a year-long subscription that allows South Africans free access to 80+ National Parks and more! Click here to get your Wildcard membership!

Book in advance

‘The early bird gets the worm’ applies to travel arrangements too! The earlier you book your travel plans, the better. It secures availability for your bookings, and sometimes it can even get you a ‘lekker’ discount for booking early!

Travel with friends and family

Travelling in groups aren’t only more fun, it also leads to amazing group discounts! Many tourist attractions and restaurants give discounts for groups of travellers – this makes it easy and fun to save! Visit our YouTube channel for family holiday ideas.

Hunt for travel discounts

The smartest way to save money on a trip around South Africa is to hunt down discounts and specials! Tours & Tickets SA offers a wide variety of activities and specials throughout South Africa that will put the WOW into your holiday.

Use our money-saving tips and enjoy travelling around the beautiful country that we call home!

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