Activity Review: Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the new ‘cool kid’ of activities on the block! This activity is surprisingly challenging, yet easy enough for the whole family to do together. Our consultants, Nikola and Sabine, recently visited the adventure centre in Lanseria, Johannesburg, to experience this activity and see what the hype is all about.

The adventure centre is located 5 minutes from Lanseria Airport and has a variety of activities on site from quad biking, horse riding, and go-karting, to paintball, and much more. The reception and restaurant area are nestled under the trees, making it a perfect spot to spend the day out doing adventure activities.

Nikola’s Top Tip #1: Plan at least half a day of activities with your axe throwing as there is a lot to do at the centre!

After signing in and meeting your guide, you are taken to the axe-throwing field. You are given a short safety briefing from your guide where you learn how to throw the lightweight axes, followed by a round of throws to practice. Throwing the axe is much more technical than it looks as you have to aim and throw at the target boards that are approximately 15 meters away!

Nikola’s Top Tip #2: Use your body’s momentum to get distance when throwing the axe.

Following a few practice throws, it is time to challenge your opponents! Whether you are 2 people on a date, team building, or a whole bachelor party, the challenge is suited to all group sizes. Each person gets a few turns to throw to make up points, so make sure you get that bull’s eye!

Nikola’s Top Tip #3: Play for keeps! Decide in advance what the person with the lowest points has to do. This is a great time to assign holiday dishwashing duties!

Axe throwing is a fun, quick activity, that will make you come back for more adventures! So grab your date, friends, and office workers, and challenge each other with this adventure activity.

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